From initial concepts to technical drawings, our team offer complete design cycle capability.

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With over 21 production facilities in the UK and abroad, we have the capacity to complete any project.



Our 24/7 urgent support team, are able to design, build and deliver safety critical components for AOG or UOR customers.

Hyde offers complete design cycle capability covering concept and feasibility studies through to detailing and in-service support. Our engineering experience ranges from the design of complete aerostructures to facility layouts and special purpose equipment.

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Engineering Support

Hyde can provide trade and feasibility studies and major/minor modifications to improve performance, reduce weight and aid production.

  • Technical governance and independent review of documentation & specification
  • Check and authorise design data and structural analysis
  • Manufacturing planning, process and build instructions
  • Non-conformance management
  • Compilation and Release of Technical publications and Service Bulletins including:
    • Structural Repair Manuals, Integrated Logistic Support, Operations and Maintenance, Spares, Material Review Board (concessions)

Core Competencies

  • Design and Analysis of Structures, Systems and Interiors
  • R&D, Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Scheming, through to Detailing Design and Production of Manufacturing Data
  • New Product Development, Modifications and Certification through to Production and In-Service Support
  • Technical Publications and Training
  • Consultancy Support, Technical Checking, Approval and Compliance Verification

For 45 years, Hyde Group has offered a comprehensive and secure manufacturing service with multiple well-equipped facilities and an on-going continuous improvement policy. Hyde's 20 specialist manufacturing facilities form a complete supply chain enabling us to act as a true one-stop shop.


Machining, Mill Turning & Thread Rolling

Hyde can provide turning up to 0.5m diameter x 2m length. This can also be done for more complex mill/turn components using our advanced 7 Axis machining capability. Hyde’s automated handling and driven tooling allow for the turning of small parts. Our capability ranges from small bushes and nuts to landing gear components.

Hyde has also invested in state of the art machinery which allows for unlimited length, 50-ton thread rolling. This is currently being utilised by a number of customers including Airbus.

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Fabrication, Welding & Drop Hammer

Hyde has a number of business units with a diverse fabrication capability. From small sheet metal parts to highly complex welded structures. Our comprehensive welding facilities that have the capability to weld numerous metals including stainless and carbon steel, aluminium and titanium. We also ensure that welding is closely monitored with radiography inspection and NDT. (NADCAP Merit Status)

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Coatings & Treatments

Hyde coatings have a dedicated full-time laboratory and technical team with a wealth of industry knowledge. We offer fully automated penetrant inspection and fully automated chromic acid and chromate conversion. Along with this we also offer Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising.

Semi-automated Chromic Acid Anodising for smaller reactive workload packages. On-site Salt Spray and Humidity Corrosion Testing. On-site fully equipped Laboratory with the very latest testing technology. Spray & Bake paint booth capability to accommodate large component sizes. Electronic paint colour and sheen spectrometer testing using the latest technology. Zinc deposition (Electric Arc Spray Method)

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Hyde operates the latest lean assembly methodologies. With dedicated assembly facilities, isolated build floors and temperature controlled environments. Along with large-scale assembly capability, we also provide a number of assembly clean rooms at class 100,000, 10,000 and 100.

We also provide inspection, testing and installation services, which is completed in temperature controlled inspection departments using the latest technology including laser trackers, coordination measuring machines (largest CMM envelope 5x2x2m), on-machine verification and faro inspection arms.

Hyde can also operate test rigs for R&D, testing and operator training.

Hyde's solutions span a range of industries and categories. From being founded as a tooling company, we have now expanded into delivering services that support a diverse range of capabilities.

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Components & Assemblies

Hyde has over 25 years experience in component design and manufacture, with in-house experts in the design and manufacture of precision components. Our experience has included aircraft gear ribs, rose cones for aircraft and complete mass spectrometers for the scientific industry.

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Hyde has over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing tooling for the world's leading companies. Specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of assembly tooling, jigs, fixtures, operational tooling and specialist lifting and handling equipment.

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Special Purpose & Test Equipment

Hyde have been designing and manufacturing special purpose equipment for over 30 years. Experts in delivering specialist equipment that is able to meet niche customer requirements. This ranges from small fixtures and ground support equipment (GSE) through to automated cells and remote handling equipment across a range of industries.

As we offer a complete range of services from discrete work packages to full turnkey solutions, Hyde is trusted by the world’s most prestigious OEMs and tier one suppliers across a range of highly regulated industries. If you would like to discuss your requirements then please contact us.