Our Vision

Engineered to deliver... empowered to delight...

Our Mission

To delight our customers through offering the highest level of satisfaction and achieving it. To be their number one supplier.

Our Values

Our values define us as an organisation. Values are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation, the guiding principles that dictate how our team works together.



We are all Hyde. To truly succeed, we must succeed together. We offer support to one another and we are all one team. We offer advice and share best practice so we all learn and develop together.


We should be courteous, listen and respect the thoughts and ideas of others. We encourage praise and good performance at all times and offer help and support when needed. We have pride in our workplace and keep it to a standard that reflects that pride


We encourage our teams to make their own decisions. We tolerate mistakes and appreciate the role of mistakes in learning. We also encourage action rather than inaction.

Act Responsibly

We are to act responsibly at all times. We have a duty of care to our peers, customers and the company even when not at work. We also ensure that the health and safety of others is everyone’s number one priority.


As a company and as individuals, we are transparent and truthful. We also put our faith in the hands of one another.

Customer Service

We want to delight our customers at all times. We solve our customer’s issues without argument. We always ensure that we give our customers the best and always strive to increase levels of service.

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We act with credibility. We take responsibility for our actions.


Hyde is committed to the promotion of operating within an ethical framework for all its spheres of Influence and within all its associated companies.