From humble beginnings to global presence, Hyde Group has grown from a five-man team to a company with a global footprint. Find out more about the group's heritage and experience below.

1968 - 1970

Hyde Tool established and initially specialises in press tools for mains gas, electrics and gas fires.

The company was formed as Hyde Tool, a five-man tool room located in a small mill in Hyde (Greater Manchester). Initially, the company specialised in press tools for mains gas, electrics and gas fires.

1970 - 1979

Hyde grows rapidly and becomes well known for aerospace and defence tooling design and manufacture – largely for a UK client base.

The company was developed into numerous autonomous limited companies. These were developed and grown as organically as possible, retaining their independence with overarching management supervision. During this period, the companies began to diversify. For example, early in the decade, Hyde made their first foray into aero products, working on the design and build of fuselage assembly jigs for the Panavia Tornado, and in 1976 moved into mining, winning a significant manufacturing contract from Caterpillar.

1980 - 1989

Hyde continues to build its reputation as a tooling specialist, adding new industries to its portfolio. The company now begins to deliver components.

During this period, Hyde began to work more internationally. Hyde's first manufacturing satellite company was formed in 1981 and in the same year, Hyde worked on master gauges for Indian licensed builds of the SEPECAT Jaguar. This was followed by the formation of Hyde Group in 1984. The first major project undertaken by the group was the holistic management and detail manufacture of the Fokker F100 wing. Hyde continued to develop into new markets including space and nuclear, supporting the construction of satellites and the decommissioning of Sellafield nuclear power stations. During this period Hyde also became involved in the automotive and rail industry, working on components including diesel engine components for Perkins and machined wheels for ABB.

1990 - 1999

During the 1990’s the company was the largest tooling company in Europe. The company now also begins to deliver significant amounts of components and adds engineering to its service portfolio. This period also saw the growth of overseas client base.

During this period, the group continued to grow, and significant investment saw enhancement of the group’s capabilities.

Hyde continued to expand its presence in the automotive sector, delivering tooling and special purpose equipment for companies including Jaguar Land Rover. Hyde also began working in the scientific industry, supporting the manufacture of mass spectrometry equipment. Following a significant contract won on the BAE Hawk programme, the Hyde Aero Products division was formed in 1991, and in the same year, Hyde won a number of high-profile US Military contracts from Lockheed Martin. In 1992 Hyde Group added airframe design & analysis to their services, working for companies including Bombardier, BAE Systems, Aircelle and Airbus. A discrete Engineering division was formed in 1993 to maximise these capabilities, while 1994-97 saw significant assembly tooling work performed for Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Airbus. During this period the group also delivered a number of test & development solutions to companies including Rolls Royce engines.

2000 - 2009

The company continues to grow, diversify and expand its customer base. This period also marks Hyde’s first true component design & build partnership with a client.

The new millennium saw significant expansion and investment as Airbus offloaded a major non-conformance management contract to Hyde. In 2001 Hyde developed its aerospace structures & systems design offering, with significant support to AgustaWestland and Airbus. During this time, Hyde also delivered a number of assembly tooling solutions to the Airbus A380 programme – including support of the wing assembly jig, the largest jig of its type ever built. In 2004 Hyde Group became a design and manufacture partner on the Airbus A400M for the holistic supply (design & build) of leading edge details. Other major projects included engineering support to the Lockheed Martin F35 rear fuselage and Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit structures and systems. Selection as an EADS E2S supplier led to significant engineering support on the Airbus A350, this also helped to develop the group composite capabilities. Hyde also moved into marine systems (including significant support to nuclear submarines) and energy, making use predominantly of its large scale manufacture and testing & development capabilities. During this time, the group enhanced its manufacturing support capabilities, through the creation of an ME (manufacturing engineering) department, and greater integration of automation into its tooling and manufacturing solutions.

2010 - Present

The company continues to grow, diversify and expand its customer base. The company now has an established reputation in a number of markets and has a varied portfolio of clients and services.

Hyde made its first engagement in technical publications for AgustaWestland. Diversifying further into nuclear technology, Hyde Group established a dedicated nuclear division in 2012 to enhance the group’s nuclear capability. During this period the company also began offering automotive design engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, software development and R&D services. The company continues to serve a wide range of markets, delivering a range of aerospace solutions to OEMs and Tier 1s throughout the world. The company continues to serve a range of markets and has recently been engaged with projects as diverse as the support of the Northern & Central Line upgrades to the London underground and the fabrication of elevators for aircraft carriers. The present day marks greater synergies and integration within the group as our focus drives toward offering a truly holistic engineering service.