Advanced Engineering work with Nottingham University

Hyde Group has been working consistently with Nottingham University's renowned Centre of Manufacturing Excellence for 3 years. Together, we have performed a number of complex R&D projects working for customers including Airbus and BAE Systems. We have been able to take such projects from concept to manufacture. Our investigations have focused upon next generation aircraft, as we have investigated both technological grey areas and the flexible tooling solutions of the future. Recent projects have involved devising and testing innovative build solutions to maximise manufacturing efficiency.

This mutually beneficial relationship enables the university to win complex work packages, allowing students to gain valuable experience, knowledge and an understanding of customer requirements. Concurrently, Hyde gains the cutting-edge academic expertise of the university.

From a customer perspective, the synergies of this partnership ensure that they receive government investment as well as the experience of Hyde's project management, design and manufacture.  They also receive the benefits of the progressive academic R&D to ensure the best possible solutions are developed. This provides the customer with the confidence that not only will they receive a truly advanced, complex solution, but also an effective one which is delivered on time and on budget.

Our work also involves research and development to investigate technological grey areas in order to deliver the best possible solution. Our focus on Researching and testing different techniques such as advanced holding, clamping & drilling techniques, flexible tooling and fixtures, internal jig metrology, robotic handling & drilling and force-feedback technology enables the development of innovative and efficient solutions. Our commitment to R&D in order to develop optimised solutions permeates or business and our approach to engineering. We push boundaries in order to provide tangible benefits to the customer.

The true value of this work comes in the crucial practical experience gained by the students. The practical application and experience attained from working to programme times, adhering to project plans and most of all providing working solutions are key in cementing academic knowledge to ultimately maximise employability.