Caps off to high-flying Hyde graduates!

Another three of Hyde’s senior management team have graduated with master’s degrees this summer.

Stephen Turner, Divisional Operations Director of Hyde Aero Products Division and Charles Day, Managing Director of Stoneswood Precision Components, have both graduated with an MSc in Manufacturing Leadership from Lancaster University in conjunction with the Manufacturing Institute this summer.

Charles Day commented,

“This course has taught me to think very differently within my role and enabled me to complete research that can be proactively adopted in driving world-class manufacturing at Stoneswood Precision Components.”

Michael Blemmings, Operations Director at Hyde Details has also graduated with an MSc in Project Management from Manchester Metropolitan University this summer.

Anthony Hammond, Divisional Managing Director (Joint) of Hyde Aero Products Division commented,

“Our people development programme is a key component of our success!”

Hyde’s embedded culture of continuous improvement encourages our team to pursue further personal development. Three more leaders are currently on MSc programmes with another two to join later this year.