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Hyde Coatings is a well-established surface treatment company providing services across various highly regulated, safety critical industries.

Our robust culture of reinvestment has allowed our capability to stay ahead of the curve, investing in methods, process automation, safety and environmental technology.

Following significant investment, our capacity has continued to develop and our customer base has grown significantly. We support our customers across both the UK and Europe in various industries while being committed to providing a quality service for our customers.

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We also have several operations in-place to ensure process conformity across our work, including highly trained full-time Laboratory Technicians. Using NADCAP accredited scheduling systems and testing methods, our process solutions and surface coatings are systematically tested to ensure they continually meet customer standards.

We also monitor all aspects of our workflow using the latest testing and measurement equipment. This testing equipment includes laboratory scales with an accuracy of 0.0001g, colour spectrophotometer which can accurately measure colour and sheen of paints, and intelligent dosing equipped with state-of-the-art mechatronics.

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Along with this, our certified artificial 1000 litre corrosion chamber ensures continuous monitoring of our protective pre-treatments and resistance to corrosion.

Offering non-destructive testing, surface pre-treatments and surface coatings, we provide a range of services for any industry.


Our Capabilities

Hardness Testing

Electrical Conductivity Testing

Penetrant Flaw Detection

Anodic Flaw Detection

Chromic Acid Anodise

Tartaric Sulphuric Anodise

Chromate Conversion

Abrasive Grit Blasting

Glass Bead Blasting

Zinc Spray

Aluminium Spray

Preparation for Electrical Bonding

Abrasion Resistant Paint

Dry Lubricant

Bond Primer

Conventional Primer and Topcoat Paint Schemes

Ink-jet Marking


Lead Times

We aim to complete non-complex work packages within five working days of receipt. However, complex and more extensive packages of work may take longer. This can all be discussed in advance with our team.

Leadership Team

Paul Tobin
Managing Director

Paul Mellish
Operations Director

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