SG Instruments, a precision manufacturer that specialises in scientific equipment, instrumentation and components. With the ability to manufacture to tolerances of less than 10 microns. With a wide-ranging manufacturing capability, SG Instruments has the ability to manufacture components from individual piece parts, through to large top level assemblies. SG Instruments are committed to quality with certification to BS EN ISO 9001.

Manufacturing Capabilities

SG Instruments operate a comprehensive machine shop with a broad range of vertical and horizontal machining centres with capacity up to a cubic metre. Supported by in-house CAD/CAM programming, we are currently running large 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC machines with I/R probe facilities and live tooling. State of the art multi pallet lights out production capability. In-house lapping facility. Our manufacturing is supported by a dedicated 2,000 sq.ft. test & inspection area. Fully driven tooling. Aqueous cleaning carried out in a dedicated environment using ultrasonic tanks.

Clean Room & Assembly Capabilities

With full mechanical assembly capability, we have the ability to support from lower level assemblies to an out-sourced full instrument build.

SGI’s dedicated clean room facilities occupy approximately 4,000 sq.ft. and are complimented by a 2,000 sq.ft. testing and inspection facility. Our clean room assembly process is supported by numerous services including:

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Full pre-cleaning

  • High vacuum leak detection

  • Full instrument testing

  • Quick Vision (QV) measuring

Our 30 technicians provide an agile service, founded upon our JIT delivery. This ensures we are able to offer short lead times, without sacrificing on quality.

  • 1 x Class 100,000: We currently operate a class 100,000 clean room for the management of components and completed equipment.

  • 2 x Class 10,000: Our class 10,000 clean rooms operate to support the manufacture of scientific and specialist aerospace equipment.

  • 4 x Class 100 Laminar Flow Sub-Assembly Cabinets: Our class 100 cabinets support our manufacturing efforts with the sub-assembly of critical components.

Additional Capabilities

Inspection & Analysis: SG Instruments and Hyde provide comprehensive inspection and analysis solutions to customers within a range of safety and reliability critical industries.

Leak Detection & Instrument System Testing: Within our clean room operation, we can provide trusted instrument testing and leak detection using the latest techniques including helium leak detection, and vacuum system test analysis.

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Our Team

Ian Newcombe
Engineering Director

Eamonn Collins
Commercial Director

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